‘I absolutely love Thereasa’s work at the Lash Boutique. Every time I come to her she does an excellent job. It is my guilty pleasure to come to lie down on her comfy and warm beauty couch to get my lashes done. She is a gorgeous person and our soothing chats relax me so much that I’ve pretty much always fallen asleep (I’m sure I’ve snored loudly.. although she’s never said anything!) while she’s worked away on my lash extensions. As she is a trained make-up artist, my lashes have always been in perfect proportion with my face. Not too many, not too few, and not too long! So I would wake up feeling rested and looking so much more wide eyed. She is also a whizz at the fake tan. So I always recommend her to my own clients as I know she is a perfectionist from my own happy personal experience.’
Zoe Clark, Make Up Artist

“Thereasa has an incredible and unique ability with her work, her clients are intrigued by her technique, soothed and mesmerized by her quiet brilliance and made deliciously beautiful by the lean, delicate and luscious lashes……once ready you are filled with giddy happiness and the instant glamour Thereasa brings to your life is priceless…..there’s nothing like it.”
Eileen Shields, Footwear Designer

“Thereasa has hosted several lash parties for the staff at InStyle Magazine in New York City. The staff are always excited when Thereasa comes to visit, as she has provided full lash extensions and flares that have lasted longer than most salons that offer the same services in the city. We enjoy the relaxation while getting gorgeous!”
Samantha Orriss,
InStyle Magazine
Associate Integrated Marketing Director, Lifestyle

Lashes by Thereasa