Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Individual / Hybrid Faux Mink (1.5-2hrs) €120
Mascara Look (75 minutes) €100
Half Set Faux Mink (1hr) €80
Corner Lashes (Flirty Look) €50
Lower Lashes €50
Lower Lashes (add on to upper) €25
Please ask us if you wish to have Candied Coloured Lashes, Ombre 2-Toned Coloured Lashes, Gold, Silver or Swarovski Faux Mink Lashes

xD ‘Russian’ Volume Lashes

Full Set of xD Volume Lashes €175
Half or Light Set of xD Volume Lashes €120

Refills and Removals

Refills Mink 30 min €45
Refills Mink 1 hr €55
Refills xD Volume Lashes 30mins €50
Refills xD Volume Lashes 1 hr €75
* Refills must be within 6 weeks of application*
Removal from €25

Strip Temporary Eyelashes

Strip Lashes €15

Lash & Brow Grooming

Lash Tint €15
Brow Tint €12
Brow Shape €15
Combo Lash & Brow Tint €25
Trio Eye Lash, Brow Tint & Eye Brow Shape €35
Eyelash Lift Volume and Length (includes tint) €65

Spray Tan

Vita Liberata Full Body Spray Tan €30
Cocktail Tan (Mango/Coconut Scented Drops) €20
Cocoa Brown 1hr Full Body €20


Eye Makeup & Lip Colour €30
Full Makeup Application €40
The Lash Boutique Deluxe Make-over (The same as full make-up but includes strip lashes) €55
Bridal Make-up (includes trial and strip lashes) €65
Mobile call outs available on request (subject to availability)
All our Semi Permanent ‘Faux Mink’ Eyelash Extensions are made from an advanced PBT polymer which allows each lash to hold it’s curl and stay incredibly soft for weeks giving our clients only the best quality! We don’t use real Mink hair and all our eyelash extensions are in vitro tested meaning no animals are used anywhere in the production process, this makes all of our eyelash extensions suitable for Vegans.

Lashes by Thereasa