Pink Gel Remover 15g


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The Lash Boutique Academy Pink Gel Remover 15g
Our latest New product to our Lash Boutique Academy product range.

This pink gel remover is softly fragranced and is designed for easy application. The gentle formula consists of a thick gel and stays in place on removal of any type of lash glue containing Cyanoacrylate. The pink in colour helps to spot where the remover is placed for easy removal. Fast and effective, this gel remover will speed up your treatment time and more time for lashing!

This product is for Professional Use Only and can be used to remove any type of lash glue.

How to Use:

  • Make sure clients eye are firmly closed. Do one eye at a time.
  • Squeeze out a small amount (a blob the size of your small fingernail) onto your stone/plate)
  • Using a cotton swab or micro swab/applicator, dab the gel onto the top and bottom of the lashes, covering the lashes with a thin layer of gel.
  • Leave for between 1-3 minutes for partial removal or 5-10 minutes for overall removal
  • Using 2 swabs, one on top and one on bottom, gripping the lashes, gently slide them off forward. The false lash should slide right off without any resistance.
  • If there’s resistance, leave the gel on for another 60-120 secs, then try again.
  • Wipe eyes clean and rinse with saline and dry. Nano mist the eyes for a couple of minutes to relieve any stinging sensation.

The client may feel a bit of a sting from the remover, this is normal. The sting should go away within 5-10 mins once the gel has been cleaned off.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For Professional Use Only
  • In any cases of an allergy please consult physician
  • If gel remover enters into your clients eye, the client will experience a stinging sensation eye rinse well with saline solution


Do not store under direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.
Unopened Shelf Life is 1 year. Opened product use within 6 months

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