‘Super Soft’ Flat Lashes C Curl .20mm Mixed Length Tray


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Our newest Flat Lashes ‘Super Soft’ provide the thickness of a .20mm thickness lash but with the light weight and extra softness of .10mm lash. I wouldn’t usually be a fan of using .20mm, as in the lash world this thickness could damage the natural lash due it’s weight however after trial and testing these lashes I’m a changed woman!! Until you try them you won’t believe how incredibly light and soft they are to use on your clients.  You can barely feel them their that soft! The oval shape and rhomboid structure creates a wider lash without the added weight same as your usual flat lash. This design is so clever as it also provides superb bonding because of their shape, they are designed to wrap themselves around the natural lash for excellent retention.

These flat lashes are perfect for the stacking technique as the oval shape acts as a base to stack lashes on top of.

Each mixed length speed tray consists of:  8mm (1), 9mm (1), 10mm (1), 11mm (1), 12mm (2), 13mm (2), 14mm (2) & 15mm (2)

Numbered length indicator strips for each individual row for easy organisation.

Retail: €11.95 (price includes VAT)

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.15mm, .20mm


10, 11, 12, 8, 9, Mix Tray


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